Islamic community centre and mosque




Together, the community centre and the district’s new library on Rentemestervej will constitute an architectural rejuvenation of Copenhagen’s otherwise neglected Northwest neighbourhood.

Composed volumetrically of a number of domes, the interior is experienced as a single space. The large and centralised inner court brings together the building’s two functions of community centre and mosque.

A passage leads directly into the inner court, inviting passersby to visit the community centre, which also includes a café, bazaar, library, bookshop, classrooms, meeting rooms, offices and underground parking for cars and bikes. Along Tomsgaardsvej, the transparent facade is pushed back to create an outdoor seating area on the sidewalk, further emphasising the invitation.

The geometric pattern of the facades is inspired by Islamic ornamentation, and varying apertures in the facade create an interior illuminated by varying levels of daylight, depending on the function of the room. The openness of the facade fluctuates from near-opacity to transparency at street level, in a welcoming gesture of openness to the community around it.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: The Islamic Society of Denmark
Gross floor area: 2,890 m2
Year of construction: 2017 - 2019
Type of assignment: Commission

Architectural concept

Architectural concept

Oriented towards Mecca, the building takes its shape from a geometric system of domes and barrel arches. All domes have the same radius but are pulled to different heights, creating a dynamic roof silhouette from the exterior and a captivating ceiling-scape inside. Within the dome system, three are cut off at different heights to create large openings to the sky; the largest of these is over the inner court. Two domes are merged in the centre of the building to form the prayer hall. This more intimate and holy interior space has no opening and is indirectly lit from the spaces to either side.



The new cultural community centre and mosque relates to the quarter's characteristic library across the street.


The building's interior is experienced as one assembled room under the domes with a large courtroom in the middle.


The form of the building site and the mosque's orientations towards Mecca is shaped by a geometric system of vaults and hexagons that provides the domes' location.



  • Copenhagen, Denmark


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