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The Foundation has previously launched three similar competitions under the themes: “photographing architecture” in 2007, “drawing architecture” in 2008 and “writing about architecture” in 2012.

Architecture is closely related to other art forms – not only to photography, drawing and language, but also to film and music. Architecture speaks to all senses, and it changes expression over time. Architecture is an abstract art form which does not take real shape until occupied and activated by movements through the space.

The previous strong role of architecture on film seems less dominant in new films from the latest decades.

Live images have a special relation to architecture because film is experienced in time and space just as architecture. Film is thus more capable of providing a full spatial experience of architecture compared to photography.

The theme of the competition is the experience of architectural space over time. The task is to create a film sequence of 1-5 minutes which animates architecture by embracing time as the primary dimension.

The competition entries will be evaluated on their artistic quality and ability to inspire a new approach to architecture and the film media.

Competition entries can be uploaded from 1 February 2015. Deadline is 12 March 2015. The result of the competition will be published on 20 August 2015 on the foundation’s website.

The evaluation committee consists of architect Troels Troelsen, film instructor and author Christian Braad Thomsen, Master of Arts Bente Scavenius, architect Peter Møller Rasmussen, architect, production designer Jette Lehmann, and Principal Vinca Wiedemann (Alternate).

The Henning Larsen Foundation was established in 2001 with Henning Larsen’s private funds and has since then awarded grants each year on the founder’s birthday, 20 August.

The objective of the non-profit and charitable Foundation is to promote and disseminate Danish architecture in a broad sense. A number of Danish architects have been awarded grants and the Foundation has organised international competitions.

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Archive of press releases

Archive of press releases


07 OCTOBER 2014 - Henning Larsen Foundation launches film competition

12 MARCH 2014 - Henning Larsen Architects opens office in Hong Kong

6 FEBRUARY 2014 - New partners in Henning Larsen Architects


16 SEPTEMBER 2013 - New city hall in Kiruna

10 SEPTEMBER 2013 - New Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

28 FEBRUARY 2013 - Danish Architects Design Landmark Research Facility

31 JANUARY 2013 - Harpa announced finalist for Mies van der Rohe Award


12 OCTOBER 2012 - New German project won by Henning Larsen Architects

14 SEPTEMBER 2012 - Henning Larsen awarded the Praemium Imperiale

28 AUGUST 2012 - When the entire world comes to Greenland

24 AUGUST 2012 - New Town Hall devoted to health

23 AUGUST 2012 - New book: Knowledge-Based Design

20 AUGUST 2012 - Five winners in writing competition on architecture

12 JUNE 2012 - Exhibition on Henning Larsen Architects in Munich

07 JUNE 2012 - Sustainable city development in the Faroe Islands

26 APRIL 2012 - New office building for Nordea Bank

16 APRIL 2012 - New theatre becomes landmark for Zoo in the Netherlands

7 MARCH 2012 - Harpa wins several international awards

18 JANUARY 2012 - Harpa one of world's best concert halls


22 DECEMBER 2011 - Danish architects to design urban cultural landmark in Norway

21 DECEMBER 2011 - Harpa selected as Building of the Year in Scandinavia

22 AUGUST 2011 - Festive Opening of Henning Larsen Architects' New Concert Hall

1 JULY 2011 - Henning Larsen Architects to design new headquarters for Siemens

13 APRIL 2011 Healing architecture wins in Herlev

31 MARCH 2011 Louis Becker awarded the Eckersberg Medal

10 MARCH 2011 Another international award for the Wave in Vejle

13 JANUARY 2011 Danish architects to design prestige project in Nigeria


20 OCTOBER 2010 New luxury hotel in the mountains of Georgia

16 SEPTEMBER 2010 The Wave Wins International Award

2 SEPTEMBER 2010 Architects selected to design super university in Norway

26 JUNE 2010 Henning Larsen Architects wins Georgian Aquarium

27 MAY 2010 Low-energy design for new office building

12 APRIL 2010 Henning Larsen Architects among Winning Teams in Norway


11 SEPTEMBER 2009 - Henning Larsen Architects receives climate award

28 AUGUST 2009 - Danish-designed research centre opened

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