Nils Stærk’s New Gallery Supports Both Art and Employees

The physical framework of a gallery should be sufficiently subtle to give space to the art it displays, but at the same time beautiful enough to complement it.

At Nils Stærk in Copenhagen, we have created a natural framework for the art through its aesthetic expression and a strategic use of daylight as well as complementing outdoor spaces.

“The aesthetics are crucial in order to pay respect to the art. We have worked consciously with creating a balance to the design while also integrating some dramatic elements to build character, for example by using doors three times as tall as usual,” says Sarah Müllertz, head of Henning Larsen Interior Design.

The gallery’s open patio serves as a sculpture garden so the sculptures can be displayed in completely natural surroundings with natural lighting. At the same time, the access to green spaces improve the working climate for the employees.

Designed for workflow
The entire gallery is organized and planned in compliance with Nils Stærk and his staff’s personal wishes. They wanted a gallery with an optimal indoor climate that supports their daily work and is able to accommodate formal as well as informal meetings between collectors and artists, private showings and small and large dinner parties.

“A gallery might seem simple in its spatiality, but it has to accommodate many functions. Through user involvement, we have settled at a spatial composition that benefits all the users of the building. For example, everyone has plentiful access to daylight, and we have designed an acoustic environment to suit their wishes,” states Sarah Müllertz.

The new Nils Stærk Gallery opened earlier this month. It is situated in the northwestern part of Copenhagen.

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