Critically acclaimed exhibition inaugurated at DAC


”What if …?” explores the task to adapt into a given urban or societal context. The exhibition shows a number of recent projects, which adjust or contribute to the transformation of an existing area. It shows the creation process where empathy, openness and curiosity compose an important part of the work method.

Part of the exhibition is a workshop featuring a group of architecture students from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The students work in the exhibition hall, where lectures, supervision and teaching will take place. The students will present their projects to a jury of invited guests to round off each workshop.

The workshops focus on Copenhagen and the city’s potential. The exhibition will function as a test laboratory where visitors can follow the students’ investigations and proposals for Copenhagen’s future development. “What if …?” is not a traditional exhibition. The exhibition is constantly developing and encourages the audience to explore and asks questions.

”What if …?” is a part of the Danish Architecture Centre exhibition ’In dialogue with the world’. Duration is from 18 January to 10 March. Free English guided tour of the exhibition: Sunday 17 February and 24 February at 2PM - 3PM.

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