For Henning Larsen Architects, a good process is about embracing the unpredictable while at the same time - by means of tight and competent management - being able to guide a team of stakeholders and professionals safely through a process, from the conception of the first idea to submission of the completed product. The road to a good result is through a dynamic process in which the various core competences meet and contribute to mutual development and progress.

A good process is essential for the maintenance of the vision and quality of a project. A high level of quality through the entire process is secured by means of a particular focus on:

- The quality of the project (spatiality, aesthetics, functionality, finances)

- The quality of the collaboration (responsiveness, flexibility and trust)

- The quality of the organisation (competences, experience and expertise)

Four key concepts help to ensure a good process on all our projects: IDEA DEVELOPMENT, COLLABORATION, PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY ASSURANCE.

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