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A number of young Danish architects have been awarded grants. In 2007, 2008 and 2012 the Foundation organised international competitions in the fields of architectural photography, architectural drawing and writing about archtecture.

The objective of the non-profit and charitable Foundation is to support Danish architecture, e.g. through further training; travelling grants; exhibition activities; publication of books on architecture; development and implementation of information technology for architectural purposes and the awarding of grants - in acknowledgement of architects who have developed significant buildings or demonstrated other achievements of high quality.

The Foundation is a natural extension of Henning Larsen’s interest in promoting and disseminating architecture - in parallel to his work as an architect and his professorship at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. This interest is also reflected in the establishment of the SKALA architectural gallery and SKALA architecture magazine in the eighties.

The Board consists of:

    Architect Troels Troelsen (Chairman)
    CEO, architect Kent Martinussen, Danish Architecture Centre
    Architect Ingela Larsson Bente Scavenius
    MA Lone Backe
    Lawyer Niels Bang

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Competition: Architecture and Film

Competition: Architecture and Film

The Henning Larsen Foundation is launching an international competition on architecture and film. The aim of the competition is to revitalise the use of architecture on film and foster new inspiration to architects and film professionals.

The Foundation has previously launched three similar competitions under the themes: "photographing architecture" in 2007, "drawing architecture" in 2008 and "writing about architecture" in 2012.  

Architecture is closely related to other art forms - not only to photography, drawing and language, but also to film and music. Architecture speaks to all senses, and it is experienced over time. Architecture is more than scenographed images. It is an abstract art form which is not awakened until occupied and activated by movements through the space.

The previous strong role of architecture on film seems less dominant in new films from the latest decades.

Live images have a special relation to architecture because film is experienced in time and space just as architecture. Film is thus more capable of providing a full spatial experience of architecture compared to photography.

We orient ourselves with our eyes, and the human brain also perceives space and depth by transforming staggered pictures from our eyes. This experience of space is perceived through the movement through the space. On film, the movements of the camera provide us with an immediate experience of spatial depth despite the lack of "stereo view".

This experience is related to our auditory sense, which gives us a similar spatial experience when the brain combines small differences and time delays in the sound image and translates them into spatial experience.

The time dimension of architecture is activated by the change in time and light as well as by the movement of objects or living creatures.  

Henning Larsen told about his dreams of flying in Jytte Rex' film portrait of him, and his fascination of the intense experience of architecture in films recorded on the Arabian Peninsula was an important source of inspiration to him when designing one of the main works of his studio, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in Saudi Arabia.

The theme of the competition is the experience of architectural space over time. The task is to create a film sequence of 1-5 minutes which animates architecture by using time as the primary dimension.

Evaluation criteria
The competition entries will be evaluated on their artistic quality and ability to inspire a new approach to architecture and the film media.

The entries should be based on a specific, physical and man-made "space", not a natural or fictive space such as a computer-made or drawn "space".

The film sequences can use sound to enhance the spatial dimension, but should not include descriptive words or explanations. The films can have a title or headline - however, to secure anonymity, no names should appear in the films.  

Guidelines and upload of competition entries
  Competition entries should consist of a 1-5 minute long film sequence in formats MOV or MP4. As far possible, the films should be in HD resolution. File sizes should not exceed 1 GB.

Only digital formats are allowed. Non-digital films should be converted to one of the above-mentioned formats before submitted.

The competition is anonymous and open to everyone. Employees at Henning Larsen Architects as well as close relatives and spouses of jury committee members cannot, however, participate in the competition.

Film sequences previously displayed publicly or extracts from previously published film works are not accepted.

Competition entries can be uploaded to the below-mentioned ftp server between 1 February 2015 and 12 March 2015. To secure anonymity, files should be named with a random five-digit code.

User-name: filmcomp
Password: compPASS2015

After upload, an e-mail containing the five-digit code as well as the name and address of the contributor is sent to Anonymity is upheld until evaluation of the submitted entries is finalised.

Alternatively, entries can be sent anonymously on DVD, CD or USB, marked with a five-digit code, to the following address

Henning Larsen Architects
Vesterbrogade 76, 4th floor
DK-1620 Copenhagen V

Envelope marked: ARCHITECTURE & FILM

Entries sent by post should be received on 12 March 2015 at the latest.

The envelope should contain a separate, sealed envelope marked with the five-digit code and containing the name, address and phone number of the contributor.

Submitted entries will not be returned.  

Out of consideration for the jury's evaluation process, competition entries received after 12 March 2015 will not be evaluated.

Winners will be informed directly. The result of the competition will be published on 20 August 2015 on

Copyright and publication
The Henning Larsen Foundation retains the right to re-distribute all films without cost on,, YouTube and Vimeo.

In connection with the publication of the winners, all films are made freely accessible to media mentioning the competition, for up to one month after publication. After this period, any additional publications on other platforms than,, YouTube and Vimeo will be agreed with the copyright owners.

The artist will retain copyright over his/her film. 

Prizes worth 18,000 euro are awarded, of which a first prize of at least 9,000 euro will be awarded.

Evaluation committee

  • Troels Troelsen, Architect, Chairman, Henning Larsen Foundation
  • Christian Braad Thomsen, Film Instructor and Author
  • Bente Scavenius, Master of Arts and Board Member, Henning Larsen Foundation
  • Peter Møller Rasmussen, Architect, Head of Programming, Copenhagen Architecture X Film Festival
  • Jette Lehmann, Production Designer
  • Vinca Wiedemann, Principal, The National Film School of Denmark (Alternate)


Former Award Winners

Former Award Winners

International competition about architecture and film. Deadline 12 March 2015. Winners will be announced 20 August 2015.
Read the press release

Architect Johnny Svendborg
Architect Merete Lind Mikkelsen

Architect Mette Lange
Landscape architect Marianne Levinsen
Architect Hans Peter Hagens
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International competition for writing about architecture

1st Prize: Nathan Romero Muelas
2nd Prize: Daniel Persson
3rd Prize: Sanne Flyvbjerg
3rd Prize: Mette Marie Kallehauge
3rd Prize: Tinne Delfs
Read more about the competion and the winners

Journalist Henrik Sten Møller
Architect Kjeld Kjeldsen

Architectural photographer Jens Lindhe

Architect Theo Berg

International competition for architectural drawing

1st Prize: Robert Müller, Austria
2nd Prize: Julian Busch, Germany
3rd Prize: Julie Huang Jahn, Denmark
3rd Prize: Barnabas Wetton & Chris Thurlbourne, Denmark
3rd Prize: Clemens Helmke & Dorothée Billard, Germany

International architectural photography competition

2nd Prize: Michael Stefan Rathje-Sørensen, Denmark
2nd Prize: Ditz Fejer, Austria
3rd Prize: Nils Lund Pedersen, Denmark
Honorary mention: Lars Gundersen, Denmark
Honorary mention: Casper Balslev og Mads Nisssen, Denmark

Artist Jytte Rex

Studio Force4: Andreas Lauesen, Christian Dalsdorf, Maja Asaa and Mikala Holme Samsøe

Studio Kollision: Andreas Lykke-Olesen, Tobias Løssing and Rune Nielsen
Architect Kent Martinussen
Film director Nils Vest

Architect Julien De Smedt

Architect Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen
Architect Merete Ahnfeldt-Mollerup

Architect Bjarke Ingels


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