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The original Havemanns Magasin was completed in 1939 and is designed by architects H. Ortmann and V. Berner Nielsen. Since the mid 70’s, the building has been leased to, among others, the supermarket chain, Føtex.

The conversion of the office was undertaken by Henning Larsen Architects itself. The challenge of maintaining a feeling of unity and presence has been a key focus area in the conversion of the office. Each individual employee is an integral part of a consistent whole.

In the new and larger premises, the employees are grouped according to four geographical regions: Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe and the World. This connects the projects to the local context.

The competition area is a visible space in the centre of the office where a former outdoor area has been transformed into a light and open indoor atrium. From four pyramid-shaped glazed sections in the ceiling, light pours down into the big open-plan office.

The atrium has become the most important space of the office. It is a kind of an ‘open laboratory’. Models and boards are on display and are hence contributing to a mutual cross-pollination among the projects. They also demonstrate the diversity of the projects of Henning Larsen Architects. And new ideas are continuously unfolding.

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Visit the office in Copenhagen

Visit the office in Copenhagen

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